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Academic UIL Results for Invitational Meets

Posted Date: 03/01/2018

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It has been a busy year for our Academic UIL participants!   We’ve attended four invitational meets and will be heading to District competition in Rankin on Tuesday, March 20.


This year, we’ve had 22 high school students actively participating in invitational

meets at Medina Valley High School, McCamey High School, Sonora High School, and Eldorado High School.   We have competed in fourteen different academic events across all subject areas.  These dedicated academic competitors work faithfully with their coaches during the week to refine their skills, and then board the bus at “dark-thirty” on Saturday mornings to get to invitational meets in faraway places.  


Our Academic UIL Team consists of:

Seniors:   Alyssa Arrendondo, Jasmine Duran, Elijah Greene, Vivian Magallanes, 

Robert Pequeno,  Analisa Sulaica, Madison Tissiere

Juniors:   Zayelun Alexander Joshua Ballard,  Jocelyn Church, Marcel Faz, David

Floyd, Edward HIldreth, ,Karyssa Rodriguez,  Kacie White

Sophomores:   Cade Hardin, Srusti Patel, Katlynne Proffit, Mykel Valdez

Freshmen:   Blaine Burk, Samuel Isaac, Kendall Hart

Coaches:   Mrs. Greene, Mr. Richardson, Mrs. Sprague, Mrs. Tims, Ms. Valdez


Our first meet was on January 13 at Medina Valley High School.  This was our largest meet, where we competed against 29 other schools!   We came home with the following placements:

               Current Issues and Events:   Elijah-4th, 2nd place TEAM

               Editorial Writing:  Jasmine-5th place

               Feature Writing:   Jasmine-3rd place

               Headline Writing:  Elijah-2nd place


The next invitation meet was an especially early morning for the ride to McCamey on January 27th.  With 14 other schools to compete against, we’re very proud of the following award winners:

               Current Issues and Events:   Elijah-1st, Edward-2nd, 1st place TEAM

               Editorial Writing:  Analisa-3rd, Jasmine-6th

Feature Writing:  Kacie-3rd, Jasmine-4th

               Headline Writing:   Elijah-3rd

Science:  Blaine-1st for 9th grade, Mykel -5th for 10th grade

               Social Studies:  Marcel-1st, Edward 2nd,  2nd place TEAM


On Friday, February 2, we travelled to Sonora.  While this was our closest meet, it was still a very early departure.   In addition, due to conflicts with basketball, many of our participants couldn’t attend, or had to leave early.  

               Current Issues and Events: Edward-5th, 2nd place TEAM


Our last invitational meet was in Eldorado on February 24, where we had almost all of our participants attending!   We did very well, with awards as follows:

               Accounting:  Kacie-6th

               Current Issues and Events:  Elijah-5th, Edward-6h, 2nd place TEAM

               Headline Writing:    Jocelyn-3rd, Elijah-5th

               News Writing:  Elijah-3rd, Jasmine-6th

               Feature Writing:  Kacie-4th

               Editorial Writing:  Jasmine-5th

Social Studies:  Marcel-1st, 2nd place TEAM.


And finally, this week we are trying something new.   We will be participating in a Virtual Meet.  Students can compete without the bus ride!   Sadly, this does not include any of the writing and journalism events, but those events that are participating will be competing with 1A schools across the state. 

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